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Welcome to the homepage of Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade, urbanknifewoman2 fantasy and paranormal romance author.

Kelly Meding writes urban fantasy. Five books in her Dreg City Series,  THREE DAYS TO DEAD, AS LIE THE DEAD, ANOTHER KIND OF DEAD, WRONG SIDE OF DEAD, and REQUIEM FOR THE DEAD follow the misadventures of dreg hunter Evangeline Stone following her unexpected death and resurrection into another woman’s body.

Four books in her Metawars series, TRANCE, CHANGELING, TEMPEST, and CHIMERA are set in a post-apocalyptic, original superhero universe. All four books are also available as a digital bundle.

Kelly Meade’s brand-new paranormal romance trilogy, Cornerstone Run, tells the tale of three loup garou brothers as they fight for their people, their women, and their lives. Visit HERE for more information.

Please check out my blog, Organized Chaos, for further updates, appearances, musings, tall tales, potential rants, fun links, and additional cool stuff. I can also be found on Twitter and Pinterest.

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